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Positive Change is Happening!

2019 Advocacy Accomplishments We Can All be Proud of By UOAA Advocacy Manager Jeanine Gleba I pride myself on being an “action person” and nothing gives me greater satisfaction than checking those boxes and crossing off items on my lists to-do (daily, short-term, long-term etc) both in my personal life and professionally. So I get […]


Get Your Groove On!

By UOAA Advocacy Manager Jeanine Gleba “A boa can hide a belly bump, if you arrange it carefully!” Ms. Senior America (MSA) alum, Pinky O’Neil, explains to me. After the Advocacy Session at UOAA’s National Conference in August, I met this very spunky woman. She left my presentation motivated to share it with her Affiliated […]


Support the Ostomy Community this Giving Season

Give back to those in need with a gift to sustain this website and programs such as the Ostomy Patient Visiting Program Imagine if everyone dealing with the emotions and physical changes of ostomy surgery could see a friendly face before them in their hospital room? Someone who knows what they are going through from […]