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Ostomy Support Group – Dayton OH

Who are we…

Welcome to the Ostomy Support Group – Dayton OH web page. We are associated with the United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA) and are one of hundreds of ostomy support chapters throughout the US. As a volunteer-based health organization we are dedicated to providing education, information, support, and advocacy for people who have had or will have intestinal or urinary diversions. The group provides moral support through people who have learned to live with an ostomy. We welcome ostomates, family, friends, parents of ostomy children, medical advisors, merchants selling ostomy supplies, and anyone who has an interest in making life better for the ostomate. We are sponsored locally by the American Cancer Society.

Support Meetings…

Begin at 7 PM on the second Tuesday of each month except: July (picnic), August (national conference), and December (Holiday Party).

Meetings are held in the Community Room at Hospice of Dayton, 324 Wilmington Avenue, Dayton, OH (map). Meetings include: practical ostomy care information; ostomy supply updates by manufacturers’ reps; ET participation when possible; one on one informational exchange with other members; guest lectures; social time; and refreshments.

What do we do…

As an ostomy support group, we offer moral support to those who are facing or have had ostomy surgery. We do this through face-to-face meetings and our monthly meetings. We also print and mail a quarterly newsletter providing tips on how to take care of your ostomy, latest information, and schedule of events at our meetings. Our supply room is available to any ostomate who cannot afford to purchase supplies. Registered Nurses who would like to specialize in Enterostomal Therapy may apply for a grant and ostomate youths between the ages of 11 and 17 may apply for a grant to attend the Youth Rally.

Our Board…

Tom Suman
(937) 299-0143
Jessica Cervay
(937) 554-1126
Louis Bordonaro
(937) 433-7954
Membership Chair:
Louis Bordonaro
(937) 433-7954
Newsletter Editor:
Kim Holliday
(937) 208-3780

Please feel free to contact any of our board members with questions you might have. If you wish to know who the guest speaker is this month, contact the Vice President.

How do I join…

You do not have to be a member to come to our monthly meetings. In addition, if you do decide to join our group and do not have the $8 membership, let us know and we will waive the fee.

We need your name, address, spouse’s name, and e-mail address. If you are an ostomate, what type of surgery do you have (colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy, other). If not an ostomate, you are interested because_______.

Send this information along with a check for $8 payable to the “Ostomy Support Group–Dayton OH”. Mail to Louis Bordonaro, 135 Waterford Drive, Centerville, OH 45458.

Who do I call when I need help…

The individuals listed below have completed training in ostomy care and are located throughout the Miami Valley.
  Deanna Boyd, CWOCN Kettering Medical Center (937) 298-4331 x57545
  Karen Brown, RN Kettering Home Care (937) 348-8772
  Marcia Calhoun, CWOCN Good Samaritan Hospital (937) 278-2612 x2449
  Lori Eavers, CWOCN Greene Memorial Hospital (937) 352-2695
  Karen Granby, CWOCN Life Care Hospital (937) 384-8356
  Nancy Gutman, CWOCN Private Practice - Botkins (937) 693-7815
  Theresa Hall, CWON Wayne Hospital - Greenville (937) 548-1141 x5205
  Shelly Harmony, CWOCN Providence Medical Group (937) 433-8060
  Kim Holliday, WOCN Miami Valley Hospital (937) 208-3780
  Justeen Keehey, CWOCN Fidelity Health Care (937) 208-6403
  Cecilia Krusling, CWOCN Miami Valley Hospital (937) 208-3780
  Robin Medrano, RN Upper Valley Med. Ctr. - Troy (937) 440-4706
  Adrian Miller, CWOCN, APN Miami Valley Hospital (937) 208-2126
  Michelle Rockwell, CWOCN Gem City Home Care (937) 438-9100
  Rosemary Steele, CWOCN Grandview Hospital (937) 723-3400
  Wyonna Stiffler, ET Private Practice (937) 294-8855
  Missy Studebaker, WCC Springfield Reg. Med. Ctr. (937) 328-8892
  Julie Wheeler, RN Upper Valley Med. Ctr. - Troy (937) 440-4706
  Doreen White, CWOCN CWOC Nurse Consultant (937) 322-6612
  Marilyn Whitehead, CWOCN Private Practice (937) 266-4891

Ostomy Supplies – if you are in need of supplies, unemployed, or without insurance, we may be able to help:

Ostomy Support Group Dayton OH – Supply room: By appointment only. If you need supplies and do not have the resources to procure them, contact one of the following Supply Room Team Members:

Betty Robinson 837-1534
James Lee 274-5046
Tom Suman 299-0143
Nancy Tossey 262-7122

Another possibility is to contact the Osto Group at the following web site. If they have supplies that you can use, they will ship them for the cost of the postage.

The Ostomy Support Group – Dayton OH complies with IRS Rules 501(c)(3) for charitable non-profit organizations. Membership fees and donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your interest.