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2013 Conference Promotional Announcements

July 23 – Promo Blitz 9 (217 kB PDF)
Only 2½ weeks until “Bridge to Acceptance,” some of the sessions waiting for you.
June 27 – Promo Blitz 8 (216 kB PDF)
Time running out on Hotel Rate, Colossal Colon, Beach Party, Brenda Elsagher.
June 10 – Promo Blitz 7 (217 kB PDF)
Colossal Colon, Ice Cream Social, Jacksonville Landing, Boat & walking tours.
May 10 – Promo Blitz 6 (216 kB PDF)
Sessions with Dr. David Beck, Riverfront, Water Taxi, Art & Science Museums.
Apr 3 – Promo Blitz 5 (251 kB PDF)
Sports and Fitness, Insurance 101, Short Bowel Syndrome Focus Group.
Mar 12 – Promo Blitz 4 (11 kB PDF)
General Information, Sponsorship Opportunities for Affiliated Support Groups.
Feb 12 – Promo Blitz 3 (231 kB PDF)
Basic Ostomy Sessions, First Night Ceremonies and Welcoming Ice Cream Social.
Jan 15 – Promo Blitz 2 (234 kB PDF)
Info about the Exhibit Hall and Stoma Clinic at our Jacksonville Conference.
Jan 3 – Promo Blitz 1 (259 kB PDF)
Announcement that Conference Registration and Hotel Registration are Now Open!

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