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Resources for UOAA Affiliated Support Groups

ASG Leadership Advisory Board

Jim Moore * 501-985-1327 Arkansas
Leslee Hall 727-418-0820 Florida
Sarah Kraft 631-209-2006 New York
Carol Larson 952-934-3804 Minnesota
Wendy Lueder 954-537-0662 Florida
Al Nua 760-213-2501 California
Judy Svoboda 847-942-3809 Illinois

* Chair

Leadership Resource Program

ASGs can contact the people listed below for help with the designated topics:

Jim Moore   501-985-1327

Contact UOAA Office   800-826-0826

Downloadable Documents for your ASG

ASG in a Box (Web page with links to many documents) A comprehensive guide to starting and operating an ASG

UOAA Tri-Fold Brochure (Adobe PDF, 148 kB) Add your ASG’s info beneath the LOCAL SUPPORT GROUP INFORMATION heading

From Us To You; Living with an Ostomy, The Experience (Nursing Information Modules)
(Adobe PDF, 666 kB)

Medical Community Contact Program – Updated 2011 (Adobe PDF, 338 kB)

More UOAA Services for your ASG

UOAA can build a web page for your ASG. If your group doesn’t have a website of its own and would rather not expend the resources to build one, UOAA can provide you with a basic one-page site which will be part of the UOAA website and linked from your group's name on our Support Group list. Your page can contain generic meeting information and contact info, but nothing that would need to be updated very often. If interested, contact Joan McGorry, UOAA’s Director of Administrative Services.

To include the UOAA logo in your group’s publications, see our page of High Resolution UOAA Logos for Printing. To include the logo in your group’s website, you may use one of the lower resolution versions on our Affiliation page.